The Definitive Guide to Getting Financially Organized

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment.  We can’t put it off any longer. We know we all need to get our financial lives in order, but like so many of us, maybe you just aren’t quite sure where to begin.   Between your unpredictable schedule, student loans, and bills coming at us every…

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The things you need to know about taxes!

The things you need to know about taxes! Subscribe on Apple Subscribe on Spotify What is the best tax planning strategy? Kelly Hurd, a Tax Manager with Physician Tax Advisors, joins us to discuss the foundation for all of your tax planning strategies. As with many things, organization is the key to success. That’s especially…

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FarmTogether Review

farmtogether review

“You no longer need Bill Gates’ level of net worth to reap the benefits of investing in farmland.” says FarmTogether’s CEO Artem Milinchuk. Finding the appropriate mix of assets is essential to maximizing long-term returns and protecting your portfolio during unpredictable times. With continued uncertainty imminent, many investors have looked at adding alternative investments, such…

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Fiduciary Financial Advisor: What You Need to Know

Whether you have already made the decision to work with a fiduciary financial advisor or are trying to decide whether or not to work with a fee only fiduciary, starting here to learn more about the way that business relationship works is a great next step. Knowledge really is power, and when it comes to…

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Buying Your First Home: What You Need To Know

Real Estate Investment Strategies with Coach Carson

Our entire lives we’ve been told when we buy a home, we are living the American Dream. Without a doubt, it’s one of the biggest decisions we make in our adult lives. And yes, it really can be a dream come true when we find the right house for our family. Many of you reading…

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What is Term Life Insurance and Why Doctors Need It

Term insurance for physicians - doctors need term insurance

If you are a doctor and you have people that depend on your income to survive, it is critical that you get term life insurance to protect them in case you were to pass away. Working with so many clients has shown me just how important the subject of life insurance is to physicians. Not…

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5 Important Things Your Financial Planner Should Do For You

Tax Planning for Physicians: Concepts You Need to Know

Are you on the verge of hiring a financial planner but unsure what your financial planner should be doing your finances. You know you want to work with someone who you trust wholeheartedly with your hard-earned money. While your schedule is insane and unpredictable, you want to know your planner is always going to make…

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Disability Insurance for Physicians: A Definitive Guide

Long term disability Insurance for Physicians, The Definitive Guide (1)

Obtaining long term disability insurance is absolutely critical to the financial health for a physician. It’s also extremely important to buy the right policy the first time, otherwise you could waste tens of thousands of dollars on the wrong policy. Your job is not only physically demanding but think about how your work would be…

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What is Whole Life Insurance and Why Doctors Should Avoid It

Woman skeptical of buying whole life insurance - what is whole life insurance

Whole Life Insurance isn’t needed and this is why. Buying insurance is like hedging your bets against the gamble of life. If something can go wrong, it generally does – and purchasing an insurance policy is how you keep those little mishaps from turning into huge problems. If you get in an automobile accident, for…

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