Financial Residency Recommends Doug Crouse

We’re a bit picky about who we partner with at Financial Residency. So, when we do, it’s important to us to share with you why we think highly of them!

For physician mortgage loans, we’ve partnered with Doug Crouse, Mortgage Loan Originator at UMB Bank. We trust Doug and know you would too if you knew him like we do!

Portrait, Doug Crouse (1)

Get to Know Doug:

Doug, who has been in the mortgage industry since 1999, is married to a physician. Not only is she the love of his life, she’s a compassionate doctor with a bedside manner that Doug describes as one of his favorite characteristics about her.

One of Doug’s hobbies is building things. He can build a house from the ground up and is going through some form of it now with a remodel of his family home in Missouri. But when asked about building cars, he wouldn’t know where to begin! Although, he LOVES buying classic cars and gets a thrill from buying them at an insanely reduced price.

If we’re honing in on another important, can’t-do-without, hobby for Doug, it’s going to Kansas City Chiefs’ games with his boys ages 27 and 30. Both of which he prioritizes family time with regularly.

Doug’s been a HUGE Chiefs fan and season ticket holder for 17 years. That’s a lot of prime time.

When he’s not posting funny football memes on his Facebook, he’s described as a sarcastic guy in real life. You either love or hate his humor, but it’s admittedly who he is… he loves to joke around every day, all day.

More Reasons to Love Doug:

  • Doug’s superpower would be to predict the future (but wouldn’t want to know how he dies).
  • He feels stuck in the 1999 era.
  • The glass is always half-full.
  • If giving his former self advice, he’d say to go meet his wife 10 years sooner.

Doug is obviously a guy we like. He’s been a partner of the podcast for as long as the podcast has existed. But don’t only take our word for how great he is and how he can help you with your physician mortgage loan. Find out yourself by connecting with him here:

Financial Residency Recommends Doug Crouse for Doctor Home Loans