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How To Travel Hack Using Credit Card Rewards

It feels like every day there is a new credit card being sent to me in the mail. There are so many different options for credit cards, it’s overwhelming! Unless you have the time, desire and dedication to sift through all the bad cards to find the great ones, its difficult to know if you have the “best” credit card for your spending behaviors. Travel expert Holly Johnson from and I talk about travel hacking for physicians and the best credit cards to use in your everyday spending. It’s amazing to hear how a real pro travels, how she searches and finds the best deals that allow her and her family to travel the world affordably.

While some of this may have sounded like a paid endorsement for Chase credit cards (it wasn’t!), they really do just provide the most benefit when used together. Knowing how much Holly and her family travel, it’s quite impressive that she has just a few must-have credit cards.

What You Will Learn in This Show:

  • The best credit cards for cash back and which cards are ideal for physicians who want to travel.
  • How to travel like a pro and why staying loyal to an airline isn’t the best strategy.
  • What the chase ultimate rewards platform is and how to utilize it to get amazing deals.
  • The concept of pooling your chase points and combining them with your spouse (this is amazing!)
  • What happens to your credit score when you sign up for a new credit card?
  • The go-to credit card for traveling abroad.
  • The benefits of sightseeing passes.

Other Resources

If you want to earn 50,000 bonus points, sign up for the Chase Sapphire Reserve and get your travel on.

If you want to earn 80,000 bonus points, sign up for the Chase Ink Business Preferred.

Ryan Inman