MEGA 154th Episode!

This week, we’re steering away from our normal programming because I’m celebrating the 154th episode of my podcast! You might be thinking that’s a bit strange, and it is. But truth be told, I forgot to do a 100th special episode even though it was a huge milestone. So I took a page from the Simpsons playbook and I’m doing a fun special show with a random number because hey, why not?

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This podcast has grown beyond my wildest imagination. Whether you’re a first-time listener or you’ve been around for a while, the podcast would not have existed for 154 episodes without you. Thank you so much for your support. 

Without the thousands and thousands of you that listen each week, without the constant outpour of amazing emails and direct messages telling me how the podcast has helped you on your financial journey, this all wouldn’t be possible. 

In today’s blog, I would love to add to the mix some of the “behind the scenes” factors that go into this podcast, along with some major highlights that have come from the start of the podcast until now. On the listeners’ side, you all hear my voice, and maybe one other. But, it takes an entire team of people to get these episodes out three times a week, four times a month. Thanks to my editors of the show and blog, Steve and Desiree, and my super talented artist, Jon. I might be the face of the podcast, but 400,000+ downloads in our first 2 years couldn’t have happened without their hard work every day.

Since we are celebrating, episode 154 was loaded with even more financial goodies than usual. To recap the show: 

We heard from my partner Kayse at Physician Wealth Services and the amazing things we get to do there, discussed life plans with Taylor, and chatted with Dan, who shared what you need to know to create your own life plan – not just hear about mine and Taylor’s. We also heard from my partner in our joint venture at, Robert Farrington, who shares a quick overview on the benefits of loanbuddy and how you can find out what repayment option is best for your federal student debt through the tool – for free! Yup, you read that correctly. We’ve designed this software to tell you what you can do with your loans, all for free. Pretty amazing stuff!

Now, let’s dive in, shall we?

Physician Wealth Services

Physician Wealth ServicesKayse and I are fee-only financial planners at Physician Wealth Services. Recently, I have received several emails from listeners asking how to find a planner. Many of you might not know that this is actually what we do full time, because we don’t want to make the show be a huge promotion platform for us. That isn’t what the show is for. This show is to help you take control over your finances, but if you would like to work with a planner, we are still taking clients and we work with physicians and their families all over the US.

If you don’t want to pay or can’t afford to pay an advisor to get a financial life plan completed, there’s still good news to be shared. My book is finally launching on January 15, and you will be able to build out your own financial life plan through the steps in it, and the resources that come with the purchase of the book, all without long hours and sleepless nights. 

Buying the book also includes a free companion course. This is where I will be sharing vital tools and worksheets that I have created specifically for you to complete as you work through the book. Basically, reading the book cover to cover will take you step by step in building out your own financial plan, and it’s only $25 on Amazon (because what can’t you buy on Amazon?) or on the website at Please don’t hesitate to share feedback and reviews on Amazon and Goodreads! It would mean the world to me. Again, you can buy it on January 15! 

Whether or not you buy the book, you can also help me out by getting the book into the hands of other physicians and physicians’ families. Help me spread the word by sharing the book with them or sharing the news on your social platforms.

Creating your Own Life Plan

Dan shared all the ins and outs for creating your own life plan, why it’s important, and why you should do it as soon as possible. 

Holding Ourselves Accountable

I never want to be a “do as I say, not as I do” kind of guy, so Taylor and I checked in on our own life plans. The last time we discussed this, on-air at least, was way back in December of 2017, so there were definitely updates to be made on how we have been progressing in our own life plans.

Financial Residency Podcast Highlights

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It would be impossible to point out all the amazing guests and incredible moments we have had on the show over the last 145 episodes. When thinking about how we could celebrate the podcast, I know many of you haven’t heard every show. With 153, now 154 episodes, it’s difficult to go back and listen to everything. I really hope to inspire you to take action and learn finance, but listening to hundreds of hours of podcast material is a big ask.

Then, I thought sharing ten really good clips from ten of our most popular shows could be a great start! I encourage all of you to go back and check out shows that you might be interested in. There is so much valuable content, great ideas, and important topics we have discussed in the past two years, but here are ten clips I thought were worth sharing in the show to include the following people:


  1. Dr. D @ The Frugal Physician
  2. Dr. David Draghinas @ Doctors Unbound
  3. Dr. Peter Kim @ Passive Income MD
  4. Drs. Leti and Kenji @ Semi-Retired MD
  5. Dr. Taylor Brana @ The Happy Doc
  6. Dr. Shakila Angadi @ The Inspired Dentist
  7. Dr. Jimmy Turner @ The Physician Philosopher
  8. Dr. Leif Dahleen @ Physician On FIRE
  9. Dr. Jim Dahle @ White Coat Investor
  10. Dr. Ben White – Ben White MD

What Others Have to Say

Without not only the support from my listeners but also all of the insightful questions you’ve submitted, tailoring my content to the information you need would be much harder! Here are a few listeners that have either written into me or written a review on iTunes about the show. These mean absolutely so much to me, you all have no idea. 

Overall, if you haven’t listened to the show yet, please do. Thanks so much for helping us reach this 154th episode milestone. And, if you haven’t already, join over 1000 physicians in our FB Community, Physician Finance. See you there.