Mike DeRaspe with KeyBank

We’re a bit picky about who we partner with at Financial Residency. So, when we do, it’s important to us to share with you why we think highly of them!

For physician mortgage loans, we’ve partnered with Mike DeRaspe, Private Mortgage Loan Lender at Keybank. We trust Mike and know you would too if you knew him like we do!

Get to Know Mike:

Mike began his mortgage career in 2001 and has been working exclusively with doctors for the last 9 years.

He resides in the Portland, ME, area with his wife and son. When he has an opportunity to unplug, Mike can be found at his family camp off the grid. He’s a passionate fly fisherman and loves exploring the remote ponds, rivers, mountains, and coastline Maine has to offer.

Mike’s first career pursuit was a financial advisor which evolved into creating a healthcare consulting firm.

He takes a consultative approach with clients in the mortgage planning process. He has a strong work ethic and goes above and beyond for his clients.

We really enjoy our partnership with Mike!

If you reside in any of the following states, be sure to connect with Mike DeRaspe at Keybank for your doctor home loan:

Texas, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Tennessee, South Carolina, Washington DC, Pennslyvania, Ohio, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, Hawaii, and New Hampshire.

Key Bank Physician Home Loan

More Reasons to Love Mike:

KeyBank Mortgage offers several options for your unique physician mortgage needs.

Whether you are purchasing your first home or looking for cash-out or rate/term refinance, KeyBank can personalize a program for you.

They offer up to:

  • 5% down up to $1,000,000;
  • 10% down payment up to $1,500,000, and,
  • 15% down up to $2,000,000.

Max loan size $3,500,000.


NO Prepayment Penalty.

Fixed-rate and variable-rate mortgages available.

Loan options available for purchase, as well as rate/term and cash-out refinances. Physician mortgage loans are available for both your primary residence and second homes, as well as single-family houses and condos.

KeyBank has branches in numerous states, with over 17,000 employees throughout the 1000+ branches.

Contact Mike DeRaspe by email at michael_deraspe@keybank.com or by phone at 603-828-1743 for your doctor home loan today!