We’re a bit picky about who we partner with at Financial Residency. So, when we do, it’s important to us to share with you why we think highly of them! 

For physician mortgage loans, we’ve partnered with Neil Surgenor, Physician Loan Specialist at TD Bank. We trust Neil and know you would too if you knew him like we do! 

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Financial Residency Recommends TD Bank

Get to Know Neil:

Neil started in lending 18 years ago and has been a go to resource for us in the mortgage space for a long time. He has gravitated towards working with physicians in his career. Neil enjoys the know-what-you-want mentality that most physicians exhibit.

One of the first things people notice about Neil is his unique accent. He is an interesting mix of half-Irish, half English who grew up in Africa. Needless to say once you talk to him you will always recognize his voice!

People are often surprised to find out that Neil is actually a Harley guy! Often he will jump on his motorcycle to go for a ride to “shake out the cobwebs” as he calls it. A banker and a biker, what a combo!

Though Neil was a long time New Yorker, he has found a love of the countryside and the outdoors. Living near Jersey with his wife of 19 years and their two teenage daughters, Neil loves being surrounded by the rivers, animals and even working in their vegetable garden!

Little known Neil trivia?

  • He has a love of big engine trucks. Guess that motorcycle was just a gate-way vehicle...
  • Recently he had a hot air balloon land in his backyard!
  • Before getting into lending, Neil was a financial advisor on Wall Street! He credits this with giving him the ability to really get an all encompassing view of what is important to people in regards to finances. 

We think Neil is a pretty interesting guy and a great source of trustworthy information in the mortgage space. He has so much wonderful advice that stems from a true desire to help his customer base. Don’t take our word for it though, reach out to him directly here and see how he can help you take advantage of the all time low rates available right now!

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More Reasons to Love Neil:

**Best Overall Physician Loan Product by Investopedia 2020.**

The TD Bank Doctor Loan Program was created to provide flexible mortgage options for physicians, surgeons, and dentists. Here are some product loan highlights.

Financial Residency Recommends Neil Surgenor with TD Bank

Loan Amounts

  • 100% financing to $750,000 loan amount
  • 95% financing to $1,250.000 loan amount*

Amortization Type

  • 30 year fixed rate
  • 5/1, 7/1, 10/1 adjustable rate

Transaction Type

  • Purchase (primary residence only)
  • Refinance (primary residence only)

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

  • Not required

Financial Residency Recommends Neil Surgenor with TD BankEligible Borrowers

  • MD, DO, DPM, DMD, DDS, Medical Fellows, Medical Residents
    • For practicing doctors, must be 10 years out of residency or less

Property Types

  • Single Family Residences
  • Attached/Detached Condominiums
  • Attached/Detached PUDs
  • Co-ops

Future Contracts

  • Future employment contracts are acceptable if employment begins within 60 days of loan closing

Reserve Requirements

  • 6 months (can be a gift)**

States Offered


Or call (212) 933-9900