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Financial Residency Recommends Contract Diagnostics for Physician Contract Review. Here’s why…

We’re a bit picky about who we partner with at Financial Residency. So, when we do, it’s important to us to share with you why we think highly of them!

For physician contract reviews, we’ve partnered with Contract Diagnostics – a firm 100% dedicated to assisting physicians through their employment contracts.  They’ve been at it for over a decade and reviewed over 10,000 contracts.

We trust Contract Diagnostics and know you would too if you knew them like we do!

Have Your Contract Reviewed by Contract Diagnostics

Featured Financial Residency Partner: Contract Diagnostics for Contract Review

Watch this short video with Ryan  and Jon Appino

Contract Diagnostics actually started as a different company – NewCloud Medical.  NewCloud was an all-in-one company that was started as a solution to annoying recruiters and the challenging transition from training to attending!  They offered recruiting, real estate and relocation, financial management, tax preparation and strategy, disability and life insurance, and of course, contract reviews.  While the company started in 2009 they realized they enjoyed contract reviews and could serve this niche best with focus, not trying to be ‘kinda good’ at everything.  So, they created the Contract Diagnostics in 2010 and have been 100% dedicated to physician contract reviews ever since.

They have re-invented this market at a national level providing consulting services to physicians in all phases of their careers.  They pioneered FlexPay, where residents and physicians can make interest-free payments over time (something those at FR can appreciate!).  Their proprietary system is easy to interact with, with a simple online form to click through during your busy day to book your contract review.  They truly wanted to take all obstacles away in how a physician finds an expert and has their employment contract reviewed for risk.

With the company based in Kansas City, they have associates throughout the country, able to help during the busy hours physicians have available (they start at 6 a.m. and have times many days through 8 p.m.!)

Review Your Contract

Contract diagnostics Fun facts

  • They have reviewed over 10,000 agreements.
  • They work in all 50 states and understand all physician specialties!
  • They have many packages to suit everyone’s needs – all are flat priced so you are never charged more than you agree to.

We think Contract Diagnostics is a pretty interesting company and a great source of trustworthy information for you when needing your contracts reviewed.

Check them out!  They have many ways to interact with you that are convenient for YOU.

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Financial Residency Likes Jon Appino! 

Jon was initially a pre-med major and wanted to be an emergency medicine physician!  After deciding on a career away from medicine he entered into the pharmaceutical and biotech industries for over a decade and had invaluable experiences with physicians, marketing, contracting and negotiating, and understanding the back end of many payor systems.

Jon has always loved travel!  From a scooter in rural SE Asia to the heart of Octoberfest to a vineyard in Italy (or France, or Australia, or South Africa he LOVES wine too much) exploring outside the midwest is a huge passion of his.  He actually had his kids in Italy for 5 weeks during the summer of 2019!

People are often surprised to find out that Jon is actually a South Dakota native!  While there are not many 6’2″ Italians walking around the state, he still calls it ‘home’ and keeps a cabin in the Black Hills National Forest.

Jon Appino with Contract Diagnostics and Financial Residency

Though Jon was a long-time SoDaker, he has remained in the midwest and currently is in Kansas City with his wife and two kids.  They love all things outside in nature from biking to fishing to golfing and just relaxing on the deck with friends.

Little known Jon trivia?

He has bungee jumped off the highest bungee in the world!

He use to run a supplement company out of his dorm room.

He knows nothing about pop culture.

We think Jon is a pretty strange guy but in a good way – his team actually enjoys looking at contracts all day.  They are truly a great source of trustworthy information when it comes to evaluating and understanding the obligations with your employment contract.  They know physician compensation like no other company in the nation.  They truly enjoy working with physicians day in and day out.

Contact Jon and his team for anything – they love connecting with you all regardless of you paying or hiring them for anything.

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