MassMutual Physician Disability Insurance Review

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Expert Take

Mass Mutual offers many options to customize disability insurance for physicians, making it exactly what you want rather than choosing prebuilt policies that may not leave you with enough benefits.


  • Pays dividends
  • Non-cancelable
  • Strong financial rating
  • Large selection of riders


  • Long elimination periods
  • Own occupation requires a rider

Mass Mutual Disability Insurance logo

MassMutual is a top-rated disability insurance provider offering customizable policies that make getting the right coverage easier.

To help you find the best policy for your needs, we’ll cover MassMutual’s financial ratings, policy benefits, riders and more in this complete MassMutual physician disability insurance review.

About MassMutual

MassMutual opened in 1851 and has been a top provider of asset protection products for 170 years. Shareholders don’t own MassMutual, and they don’t have analysts breathing down their necks. Instead, they are member-owned, paying their members dividends from the company they invest in and trust for their asset protection.

As a member-owned company, MassMutual has always put its members’ interests at the forefront of their priorities. They have strong financial ratings and are a leader in the industry.

  • CEO: Roger Crandall
  • Year founded: 1851
  • BBB score: A
  • A.M. Best rating: A++
  • Phone number: 800-272-2216
  • Services offered: Life insurance, disability insurance, investments, long-term care insurance, annuities, and retirement

Fast Facts on MassMutual

Here are a few quick facts on MassMutual to help you get to know them and their products better.

  • Eligibility requirements: Ages 18 to 65, but can have coverage past 65 with underwriting and approval; medical exam required, and open to all occupations
  • Benefit periods: Up to age 65 or 67, as well as 2, 5, and 10-year plans
  • Maximum benefits: doesn’t state
  • Elimination periods: 60 days to 2 years
  • Discounts: doesn’t state

MassMutual’s Definition of Disability

Each disability insurance has a different definition of disability. The most flexible and favorable plans offer you Own Occupation disability, paying benefits if you cannot work your current position, even if you can work others.

Less flexible policies only pay benefits if you’re completely and totally disabled and cannot work any position.

Own Occupation can have many definitions depending on the insurance company. For MassMutual, it means you cannot perform the duties of your main occupation, even if you can work another one.

However, Own Occupation coverage is an additional rider; it isn’t included in MassMutual basic coverage.

Built-in Benefits of MassMutual Physician Disability Insurance

MassMutual includes several benefits automatically in its physician disability insurance coverage, including the following.

Non-Cancellable and Renewable

If you pay your premiums, MassMutual cannot cancel your disability insurance or raise the premiums until the policy anniversary following your 65th birthday.

After you turn 65, the policy is conditionally renewable as long as you remain working.

This means the policy premium can stay the same even if your health or occupation changes.

Premium Waiver

If you meet the definition of disability as determined by MassMutual, you do not have to pay premiums while receiving disability benefits.

MassMutual Riders

MassMutual offers several riders to help enhance your coverage to ensure you get all the coverage you need.

Own Occupation Rider

The Own Occupation Rider provides protection if you cannot work your primary occupation due to disability.

The Own Occupation Rider helps doctors who have invested significant money in their education see a return on their investment even if they become disabled and can no longer work their desired profession or position.

RetireGuard Rider

If you become totally disabled, the RetireGuard Rider will pay the retirement contributions you made before your disability. This goes above and beyond the typical disability insurance coverage that pays daily expenses, covering a portion of your lost salary.

With RetireGuard, you don’t have to complicate the challenges disability poses with lower retirement savings.

Extended Partial Disability Benefits Rider

If you become partially disabled and cannot work in the same position at full capacity, the Extended Partial Disability Benefits Rider may help.

You may receive a portion of your lost income if you work at your regular occupation at a diminished capacity, working at least 15% less time and earning 15% less.

Future Insurability

If your income increases or you have other reasons to increase coverage, this rider allows you to get higher coverage without proving you are in good health. The only proof you must provide is that you are actively working.

Cost of Living Adjustment Rider (COLA)

With a COLA rider, if you actively receive disability benefits, your coverage will automatically increase by 3% annually after the first 12 months to account for an increased cost of living.

Catastrophic Disability Benefit Rider

This rider provides access to 100% of your income before disability if you are deemed totally disabled and cannot perform at least two of the six daily living activities, including bathing, eating, dressing, toileting, transferring, and continence.

Student Loan Rider

The student loan rider pays an extra benefit during a disability claim to help cover your student loan payments.

MassMutual Physician Disability Insurance: Premiums

Like any insurance company, the premiums at MassMutual depend on many factors, including age, gender, income, occupation, health, and pre-existing conditions.

Disability premiums typically cost 1% to 5% of your annual income. As a physician, you may have higher premiums since you have a higher income.

For example, if you make $200,000 per year, you might pay $2,000 to $10,000 for disability insurance, depending on the riders you choose.

Alternatives to MassMutual

Exploring your alternatives to MassMutual disability insurance is important to ensure you choose the right policy to protect you.


Ameritas offers True Own Occupation disability insurance, ensuring doctors get coverage if they cannot practice in their exact field after becoming disabled.

Like MassMutual, the policy is non-cancelable until age 65, but it is also conditionally renewable for life as long as you work 30 hours per week.


Guardian also offers True Own Occupation coverage and offers elimination periods of 30 to 720 days. The company considers MDs and DOs totally disabled if they lose at least 50% of their income, paying full benefits even if they can work another profession.

Guardian also offers a rider that allows your coverage to automatically increase by 4% every year for six years without proof that your income increased.

The Standard

To make The Standard’s disability insurance a true occupation policy, you must pay for your own occupation rider.

The Standard pays full disability benefits if you can’t perform your standard duties in your primary occupation, even if you can work another profession or position.

Pros and Cons


  • Strong Financial Rating: Working with an insurance company with a strong financial rating ensures you’ll receive benefits should you need them
  • Dividends: MassMutual is owned by its clients, and they often pay dividends to you just for being a part of the company
  • Many riders: You can customize your coverage by adding riders to your policy to make the coverage what you need
  • Non-cancelable: You have guaranteed coverage to age 65 without the worry of being canceled or your premiums increasing


  • Long elimination periods: The shortest elimination periods available is 60 days, and they go up to two years
  • Own Occupation requires a rider: You don’t automatically get your own occupation coverage; you must pay for it

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MassMutual a Good Disability Insurance Company for Physicians?

MassMutual offers many options to customize the policy, making it exactly what you want rather than choosing prebuilt policies that may not leave you with enough benefits.

What Type of Doctor Is Eligible for MassMutual Physician Disability Insurance?

Any type of doctor can purchase MassMutual physician disability insurance. You may qualify for coverage if you actively work and can prove your income.

How Do I Apply for MassMutual Physician Disability Insurance?

To apply for MassMutual disability insurance, you must contact a financial professional. They don’t offer an online application.

What Is the Waiting Period Before Benefits Start for Physicians?

MassMutual has waiting periods from 60 days to two years. The longer the elimination period, the lower your premiums, but the longer you must wait for benefits.