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We would guess his superpower to be: With Robert’s success through the trials, we would guess his superpower to be Life Manipulation for having the ability to manipulate through the forces of life.

One Liner: From simple beginnings to an incredible success story, Robert, who is the mastermind behind the popular blog The College Investor and co-founder with me at LoanBuddy, is now making 7 figures from his blog.

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Robert joined the Financial Residency podcast in early 2018 where he provided his expert advice and concerns on student loan debt. We discussed student loan forgiveness programs as well as refinancing options.

Robert returned to the show in mid 2019 to discuss his true and tried success story. He helps navigate you through what to expect, what you need to do, and why you should follow your dreams of starting a physician side hustle ONLY if you’re cautiously, strategically, and mentally prepared to do it.

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