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Financial Residency is a podcast devoted to helping you become more confident in your finances. Part of this process is working with people who enjoy helping physicians as much as we do!

From time to time, we vet the businesses and experts we love working with. And because you are at the heart of our show, we thought it was fair to provide you with a recommended list of resources we’d go to bat for. Feel free to look through the list. If you found a good fit, we want to know about it.

Thank you for allowing Financial Residency to be with you on your financial journey.

Financial Residency: Create Your Financial Plan Without The Long Hours Or Sleepless Nights

Ever wonder what it would take to design the life you want on your own terms? What’s missing is a bit of perseverance, elbow grease, and *cough, cough*… a financial plan.

But Ryan, it takes thousands of dollars to hire a financial planner to pull together the numbers, charts, and that dreaded b-word!

Well, it does for some, but you can do it for under $25 bucks. My wife, Taylor, a pediatric pulmonologist, will show you how at the cost of a book.

Want to be super cool? Be sure to leave a verified purchase review to help other physicians live the life of their dreams too.

Get Help With Your Physician Mortgage Loan

You want to buy a home but a little lost on where to begin? Don’t worry, we’ve vetted some of the best.

Physician Financial Services

Lawrence B. Keller, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, RHU®, LUTCF has been in the insurance and financial services industry since 1990. Unlike medicine, which has a standardized path that physicians must take to gain the education, training and experience requirements necessary to obtain board certification, the insurance and financial services industry does not.

Working with an agent that is familiar with the underwriting of both disability and life insurance policies for physicians can all but guarantee a smooth underwriting process in which the desired outcome is likely.

While he might not be a doctor’s first phone call regarding their insurance needs, he is often their last.


Not everyone should refinance their student debt, but if you already know that you should, you need to check your rates at Credible.

They are an industry leader in providing quotes for the best rates on federal and private student debt.

I’ve analyzed tens of millions of dollars in student loan debt for my physician clients, and Credible is consistently at the top when it comes to getting the best rates and customer service.

Plus, it takes just 2 minutes and there’s no credit check.