The 7 most common mistakes physicians make when creating a financial plan

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The 7 most common mistakes physicians make when creating a financial plan

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Do you want more control over your schedule?

Are you dreaming of the day you no longer have to “play ball” with hospital administrators who treat you like you’re disposable?

Then join me for this free training.

You’re the smartest person in just about any room. But just because you’re in the top 1% of overall intelligence doesn’t mean putting a financial plan together comes very easily to you.

I’ve worked with hundreds of physicians and their families to help them manage their own money, and there are a few mistakes that come up, time and time again.

That’s why I’ve put together this free training that you can watch, on your own schedule.


Why physicians need a financial plan

Incorrect assumptions about investing

The key pieces most residents and attendings miss

Strategies for you, so you don’t miss them too

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About your presenter

Hey, I’m Ryan! I am a fee-only financial planner who works exclusively with physicians. I understand the pains and joys of medicine because I’ve helped 100s of motivated doctors achieve their ideal lives with financial education. Being married to a physician, I know the struggles you’ll endure at different stages of your life. That’s why it’s become a mission to help doctors, like you, feel less overwhelmed with their money, so they can focus on the things that really matter.

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This presentation is entirely free and will show you the top mistakes I’ve seen physicians make with their financial plans. There will be an option to join the Financial Fellowship during the training. HOWEVER, you do not need to join a paid program to get value out of the free training.